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Created customized leadership development academy.


Vision Technology is a pioneer software and artificial intelligence research company based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Size: 80-100   Industry: Mobile App   Location: Istanbul



As a rapidly growing company, a significant portion of Vision’s lead team consisted of leaders who were new to the team role. Although there were experienced leaders inside, creating a shared leadership understanding with all leaders was a priority to accelerate further growth with a high-caliber leadership team.



Instead of creating a leadership training program with traditional methods, we worked on knowing "what it meant to be a leader at Vision" and designed tailor-made leadership development journeys accordingly.

  • Applied two different assessments for each individual (leadership perception assessment and strengths assessment) to get to know each leader well and identify needs.

  • Provided 1:1 strength coaching to each leader and helped them to become aware of their strengths.

  • According to the needs identified, we created the program's pillars, which consist of in-class training sessions, guest speakers, networking events, and online discussion sessions.

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