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Foundation built to convert strategy into well-defined OKRs.

Who is Solvoyo?

Solvoyo offers an end-to-end supply chain planning and analytics platform with machine learning technology. 

Industry: SaaS  Size: 80-100  Location: Boston



Due to the increasing number of new clients and employees, Solvoyo needed to establish structured processes for People and Culture. Solvoyo wished to improve communication with employees to cascade the company's strategy and follow through with clear objectives, which had been on the company's agenda for a long time. They needed to ensure everyone was maximizing their potential to make it happen.



While revisiting the strategy and cascading it to all levels of employees, we also built a performance growth journey where every employee has ongoing growth conversations with their leaders. At the project's end, every employee understood how they contributed to where Solvoyo was heading.

  • Facilitated company strategy workshops.

  • Set company and team-level objectives through OKR coaching.

  • Built the performance growth model where individuals have ongoing growth-focused conversations.

Case Studies