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Re-designed pay grades for one of Turkey's most robust ticket and hotel booking sites.


Enuygun is a young and dynamic company pioneering technological developments, using digitalization to provide the perfect experience for its users. 

Size: 200-300  Industry: Internet  Location: Istanbul



"Does the company have market-relevant salaries? Are the salary bands appropriate? Are they compatible with the market? Are they the right bands?" These were the questions Enuygun challenged themselves to answer, with limited data to compare market norms and adjust.



We provided the market data for Enuygun and created a market-relevant salary grid for all roles and functions. This action increased not only fairness but also increased talent attraction.

  • Deep dive job and role analysis.

  • Determined salary ranges based on market research and norms for each role.

  • Helped adjust compensation if there was a market mismatch.

  • Improved overall salary package and perks based on best practices.

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