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Ability is everything when it comes to leadership.

No organization thrives above the ability of its leadership team.

LeadUP: First Time Managers Program

Leading others is different from achieving for yourself alone. It involves learning how to help others excel in their business. This program is for those in a leadership role for the first time.

  • 12-Week Program x 3 hrs/week of Different Modules
  • Strengths Assessment & Coaching
  • 10 hours of Team & 1:1 Coaching
  • Learning Circles
  • Individual Assignments & Practices

Leadership School

Allow your leaders to discover their unique leadership style and what needs to evolve due to new norms and ways of working.

  • Customized for leadership teams at different levels (mid-level and senior level)
  • 4 to 8 months journey. Customized hours of modules. Role plays.
  • Individual and Group Assignments.
  • External Modules/Speakers
  • Strengths/Leadership Perception Assessment and Coaching

Founders Coaching

Your business is growing, and so is your team. You understand what your business demands, and we facilitate your discovery about how to tackle the need of your employees in a scaling environment.

  • Strengths Assessment & Coaching
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Best Practices sharing in a peer group community
  • Workshops

That’s why your leaders at every level are the key enablers of your company’s growth. Melon's Leadership Development Consulting provides customized solutions for companies with different leadership development needs.

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